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The SDEC Training Accreditation and Certification Body (SDEC for short) is a global organization based in Punjab and has started its operations to offer trainers the possibility of accreditation in accordance with Punjab training and certification standards. World class learning with the ability to identify training companies that offer world class training. As a specialist in the field of accreditation and certification, the SDEC has the experience to take your training experience to the next level.

About the SDEC Vision

SDEC was set up as part of a national skill development mission to fulfil the growing need in Pakistan for skilled manpower across sectors and narrow the existing gap between the demand and supply of skills.

There is a compelling need to launch a world-class skill development programme in a mission mode that will address the challenge of imparting the skills required by a growing economy. Both the structure and the leadership of the mission must be such that the programme can be scaled up quickly to cover the whole country."


Students ...
You worked hard

Taking a course with an accredited trainer from an accredited certification body SDEC training is a wise choice: it is money well spent, because trainings conducted by accredited entities are subject to global standards and best practices, so high quality is naturally guaranteed.

In addition, by attending an accredited course, you have the option of obtaining a participation / completion certificate directly from SDEC. The certificate is verifiable on our website and is a sign of trust and respect for your hard work.


Trainers ...
Earn the respect

Whether you are an individual coach or a company that provides training to students, you must dedicate yourself and be diligent in your work. It is time for you to become accredited and earn the trust and respect you deserve from industry and students. SDEC is the right choice to start your journey to excellence.

Accreditation is very cost effective; The educational institution only pays for audits and audit fees. SDEC approves coaches / companies for only three years. After this period, a re-accreditation process is completed.

The certification

Simple and easy process to get certified!

It should be noted that we do not sell certificates and do not exchange life experiences with certificates. To obtain a certificate, you must obtain it by attending approved courses.

The certification process is very simple and straight forward:

  • You decide what courses you want to attend.
  • Then you look for an accredited trainer/ training institution in your region or for an online provider.
  • You attend the approved course with the accredited trainer/training provider.