Skill Development Education Council

مہارت و ترقی تعلیم کونسل پنجاب باکستان

Established under Education Council, Skill Development Orgnization,
Punjab Pakistan

Training Accreditation & Certification

What we do?
Accriditaiton Services

We provide accreditation services for trainers and training companies participating in informal training programs and certify students who take part in these accredited courses.

We accredit people who follow training in their field as experts and authorized, if they belong to regulated professions, to conduct such training. In addition, the trainers eligible for our accreditation are those who provide training on unregulated materials and participate in training or care courses (on a personal or professional level).

We also provide accreditation services for training organizers and companies not involved in formal education or training. These companies can be small or large-scale organizations, but require evaluation and accreditation of training processes.

We do not provide accreditation services from organizations participating in formal training or primary to secondary education. Any school, college, vocational school or university is considered to be a formal education organizer and we DO NOT accredit such entities on the basis of their formal education programs. They have appropriate national and international accreditation organizations for such programs. However, we do accredit institutions that do not require official recognition or accreditation for some programs.

SDEC accreditation DOES NOT cover any formal education program that is subject to nationally recognized institutions and assessment frameworks. SDEC accreditation refers to the accreditation of the institution's own programs (study programs, distance Learning and online education, international university inter-university cooperation programs). This also applies to the accreditation of university courses from countries that do not require accreditation programs for certain courses. SDEC accreditation is ideal for your own higher education sui generis training programs.

SDEC accreditation supplements and does not replace national recognition or accreditation. Responsibility for obtaining local / national accreditation lies with all accreditation applicants (including training centers, colleges and universities), if applicable.

Certification Services

Our certification process is unique. We provide verifiable certificates to students to verify the training given by students of an accredited training center or an accredited individual trainer.

We DO NOT offer any type of certificate to anyone who has not taken a course accredited by one of our approved training partners. We provide a verifiable reference to program participants based on the training provider's recommendations. We do not sell references directly to individuals. If the student has taken an accredited online course through an approved partner, he will receive the certificate of attendance on the basis of a verified participation.

We keep a scanned copy of the certificate in our database, as well as information about the student, the center, the course and the duration of the course. Anyone wishing to verify the certificate can do so by entering the unique verifiable ID on the verification page of this website.