Skill Development Education Council

مہارت و ترقی تعلیم کونسل پنجاب باکستان

Established under Education Council, Skill Development Orgnization,
Punjab Pakistan

Training Accreditation & Certification

Who we are?
Accriditaiton & Certification Simplified

There are organizations and agencies that accredit institutes, universities, schools and vocational training entities. Then there are the accreditation programs for people in which professional coaches can get accreditation for a discipline.

For the certification aspect, there are vocational courses, in addition to formal education at university, college or school, which require certification. These courses lead to specific tests based on exams and on the basis of the results, the individual student receives a certificate of "success".

There is no single entity that accredits the vast majority of trainers and training providers for their training materials, processes and trainers, while providing students with the opportunity to document participation in an approved course. '' a recognized organization. The Skill Development Education Council body (or "SDEC" for short) was created and created to meet the needs of this segment of training organizers and students.

SDEC is an organization created by international trainers with the knowledge, experience and expertise necessary in the training industry, as well as in the field of process improvement, program writing and standard training experience.